Vortex Chess is a tactical game, where instead of bishops or knights you control dragons and giants!

Inspired by real Chess set in Arthurian’s Fantasy Universe.

Help Merlin defend Excalibur or use Mordred to take it

Control Power Hexes and use elements to crush your enemies.

Every picture is an animated gif, so if it’s not moving please wait a second.

Object of the game is to defeat opponent mage!

Power Hexes on the main board and influence they have to vortex

Action Cards

Minion Cards

Choose Merlin or Mordred ans set up his army to the board

Make a roll for Initiative

One player choose an element

The other player starts his turn

Draw Action Cards

There is a limit of cards you can have on your hand

Roll a die

If you have to change an element

Example of changing element in next player turn



Another example

Enjoy playing Vortex Chess